I’m back ..

Well today it’s gonna be 4 years and two months since I had this blog, oh dear such a long time I miss writing

Another well .. let me see where i were all this time, hmm

I’m sure that writing & creativity shouldn’t be stopped due to busy scheduled but that’s the case, with being said a number of my plans hasn’t be achieved,  feels a little sad to look back at my views few years ago when I was just fresh graduate.

In the other hands I’m very thankful  for the people who added to me & enrich my life, during past years I got the support of my workmates, family & even strangers who just pass by my way…

I expand my horizons to new stuff, been through trial & error phase, learn form real life experiences.

Also thankful to people who enriched my life & I didn’t got the chance to tell them how much they have a value inside my heart, may Allah bless them with mercy and forgiveness.

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15# Macaroni Salad

Welcome back my dear readers

Today I made this specially for my blog, no I’m a layer 🙂 but one of my reasons was to post It here, so let’s start with the ingredients first…

Ingredients consists of the following items below:

the recipe:

  1. boil the macaroni
  2. dice the veges (cucumber – tomato’s & potato’s)
  3. At the bowl, mix
    1. 2 yogurt
    2. 3 TS mayonnaise
    3. 1.5 TB salt
    4. 1/2 TB black paper
  4. mix well then add
    1. diced cucumber
    2. diced tomato’s
    3. potato’s cubes
    4. 1 Corn can
  5. mix again
  6. Finally add the macaroni

Bon Appetit

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14# Rosto

Even though I decided to boycott my lovely restaurant, I could not prevent myself from ordering again yesterday as well as today after a week of daily orders.

I had a Rosto sandwich but for my good/bad luck, my cam was away. If it was available, I would have had my sandwich cold & lost the appetizing taste. On the other hand, I missed the opportunity to publish new photos & practice on food photography where Panino’s menu is my model ^_^

But for my dear readers here is the official photo from the menu

That is how the Rosto must look like but for me, this time I got burnt bread  😦               never mind, as long as I can still enjoy its delicious taste

Here we come’s to the usual part, The ingredients which consists of:

  • Homemade roast beef
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Fried onion
  • Lemon mayonnaise
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13# Panino’s Week

This week very unique while i had my lunch from panino’s daily

The above photo was for ciprico panini, which i had on Saturday 02nd of April

The ingredients consists of:

  • Halloumi.
  • Tomato slices.
  • Tapenade.

The above photo was for Pollo Piccante, which i had on Sunday 03ed of April

The ingredients consists of:

  • Grilled marinated chicken breast.
  • Melted kashkaval.
  • Arugula.
  • Grilled tomato.
  • Tomato & chili pesto.
  • Spicy aioli sauce.

The above photo was for Masala WraPanino’s, which i had on Monday 04th of April, i had an earlier post about it.

The above photo was for haloumi pizza, which i had on Tuesday 05th of April

The ingredients consists of:

  • Fresh tomato sauce.
  • Halloumi.
  • Olives.
  • Dried tomato.
  • Basil parsley oil.


The above photo was for Pollo Romano, which i had on Wednesday 06th of April

The ingredients consists of:

  • Grilled marinated chicken breast.
  • Romaine lettuce.
  • Parmesan shavings.
  • Caesar dressing.


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12# Chicken Caesar

Today ’Panino’s‘ lunch there website finally as well as i ordered from them twice 🙂

my friends shared with me the salad which called (Chicken Caesar) but for my bad luck i wasn’t lucky to get a good chance to shot it.

The ingredients consists of:Caesar Salad 1

  • Grilled chicken.
  • Romaine lettuce.
  • Toasted croutons.
  • Parmesan shavings.
  • Caesar dressing.

Caesar Salad 2

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11th Post (Lunch documentary)

That was my lunch for today (Caprese Panini sandwich & Chocolate Cake)

As usual from my best restaurant  ‘Panino’s

the main course was that sandwich called (Caprese) and the ingredients consists of:

  • Kashkaval.
  • Tomato slices.
  • Basil parsley oil.

seems that it’s hard to maintain my weight with their delicious menu.

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Multitasking day

Why today is so special?

  1. Global event
  2. Extra attention
  3. Some photo joy

One: Earth Hour


Two: Endless Task

An endless task at office while it’s two easy, as i did that task many times before, i don’t know why today it seems hard to achieve and finish it on time as i still have to look after this blog, eat my lunch, organize my army of photos and manage to watch the movie i was looking for all my past week before the earth hour time …

Three: More Pending Tasks

Had to post more to show my lovely photos which vary on nature in the early morning, some food in the afternoon and who knows what else is waiting me for night, maybe dark city, if my parents release me for sure!!!

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