Money – dear money… where do u go?

Hello world

wallet photo.

This is a new day for me. When i found out my pocket, or to be more specific,  my wallet was empty,

I started to panic which led me to think about my salary… when am I gonna get my salary. Oh, even if I get it now, what am I going to spend it on. As usual, for sure, I’ll spend it all in less than a week, so i figured out with a little help from my best friend that I need to look after my expenses, she suggested me something online to give it a try, it’s a software for planing my monthly spending which will help me to control my expenses (I hope -_-)!!  so i’m waiting the good mode to come to me so i can get some pieces of mind to start exploring that online software. I don’t know why this is happening with me, when i started working back in 2008, I used to save at least half of my salary, that was my rule, form that time till today i was fighting my hands but the disaster happened in 2010… it was a very bad year for me in terms of spending.  This is the point that any human being has to stop & start thinking where I did wrong and start to look for the right solutions & that’s what I’m personally willing to do.


About HudhudMoon

Web developer converting to become a professional photographer in the future. using my blog to express my views & other talents. thanks to my friends (lolo & ozi)
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