Hello world, here is a voice from ……, somewhere in middle east.

We are here waiting the weather forecast to inform the residence about the situation of the rain, i,m keeping my eye’s on the forecast websites with fear. (10 AM)

I used to like rain before, but now days, I’m praying to god to take it a way from my city.

This sad fact i shared between most of the people i know, because our drainage system is not supporting large amounts of water, as one of my friend’s post in her wall a quote which describes many people’s feelings in this moment “RAAAAAAAAAAIN = PANIC ATTACK!!!”

But after the hours pass from the time i start writing this post till the moment i’m finalizing these lines before midnight of the same day, i’m glad that God mercy was greater than any human being’s expectations as usual, and the rain we had was a couple of light showers which wont harm. (11 PM)

Hope the situation gets better till tomorrow.


About HudhudMoon

Web developer converting to become a professional photographer in the future. using my blog to express my views & other talents. thanks to my friends (lolo & ozi)
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