Tenth Post (New WraPaninos)

Again today i had ordered another new sandwich from ’Panino’s‘ latest menu,  as usual it was good & tasty.

The name as it appears in the menu is Mexicana WraPanino’s.

About the taste, it was different a little bit from the previous one, i mean Masala WraPanino’s which i posted earlier, This sandwich which has sour cream & spicy sauce but still it did not taste spicy for my good luck, otherwise i wont be able to have it at all. the cost was a bit higher comparing it to Masala one but the point which is shared between both was about the lightness, because of that i can still recommend this one too for people who’s following dite.

The ingredients consists of:

  • Grilled chicken.
  • Carmelised onion.
  • Guacamole.
  • Spicy salsa “sauce” & Sour cream.

That was my basic review and as usual I have photos listed below:


About HudhudMoon

Web developer converting to become a professional photographer in the future. using my blog to express my views & other talents. thanks to my friends (lolo & ozi)
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