Multitasking day

Why today is so special?

  1. Global event
  2. Extra attention
  3. Some photo joy

One: Earth Hour

Two: Endless Task

An endless task at office while it’s two easy, as i did that task many times before, i don’t know why today it seems hard to achieve and finish it on time as i still have to look after this blog, eat my lunch, organize my army of photos and manage to watch the movie i was looking for all my past week before the earth hour time …

Three: More Pending Tasks

Had to post more to show my lovely photos which vary on nature in the early morning, some food in the afternoon and who knows what else is waiting me for night, maybe dark city, if my parents release me for sure!!!


About HudhudMoon

Web developer converting to become a professional photographer in the future. using my blog to express my views & other talents. thanks to my friends (lolo & ozi)
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