15# Macaroni Salad

Welcome back my dear readers

Today I made this specially for my blog, no I’m a layer 🙂 but one of my reasons was to post It here, so let’s start with the ingredients first…

Ingredients consists of the following items below:

the recipe:

  1. boil the macaroni
  2. dice the veges (cucumber – tomato’s & potato’s)
  3. At the bowl, mix
    1. 2 yogurt
    2. 3 TS mayonnaise
    3. 1.5 TB salt
    4. 1/2 TB black paper
  4. mix well then add
    1. diced cucumber
    2. diced tomato’s
    3. potato’s cubes
    4. 1 Corn can
  5. mix again
  6. Finally add the macaroni

Bon Appetit


About HudhudMoon

Web developer converting to become a professional photographer in the future. using my blog to express my views & other talents. thanks to my friends (lolo & ozi)
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One Response to 15# Macaroni Salad

  1. HudhudMoon says:

    A post of four years old ;D

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